The face of the Colorado private investigator is undergoing a major transformation.

With the initiation of the voluntary Colorado licensed private investigator program, for the first time in 35 years, clients who hire a private investigator will know that the person they are hiring has undergone a background screening, which will include a Colorado Bureau of Investigations check as well as an FBI background check.

The first license will be issued in July of 2012 and at that time, you as a client will decide if you want to go with a licensed private investigator or an unlicensed investigator. Insurance companies, looking to conduct an insurance fraud investigation or requesting a surveillance investigation, attorneys looking to conduct background checks and individuals looking to investigate a cheating spouse or partner, will all have to make this decision.

This program means that there are only a handful of states left with no licensing for private investigators.

Please conduct your due diligence and know who you are hiring when you contact a Colorado private investigator.