Thinking About Trying to Locate and Old Friend or Relative?


While there are numerous websites on the internet that claim to be able to locate a friend or relative fairly inexpensively, we continue to receive requests from individuals who have tried these services, only to find that the information they received was very old and the person has not lived at the given address for years. After we were able to find the person, our clients often wonder why they spent the money on other internet sites. Hiring a licensed private investigator can get you the results and reunion that you are looking for.

Recently we were hired by an individual searching for a family friend from many years back. Both lived in California at that time, but our client now resides in Colorado and was referred to us by a local attorney. After extensive searching we were able to find the individual, who also lives in Colorado and only about 20 miles from the person who was looking for them. This was a very happy reunion and both were surprised to find that they lived only miles from each other.

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