Surveillance and Insurance Fraud Defense  is our specialty. We have conducted surveillance in all corners of the United States, under all types of conditions, for all types of cases. Investigators at Night Moves of Denver have the experience, knowledge of the law, tenacity and creativity, to get the results you want. The end result equals reduced claims and settlements, saving your company money.This experience along with knowledge of Colorado and its roads, are contributing factors to seeing that a surveillance is completed as smoothly as possible.

We have been known to don camouflage and hide on a rugged Colorado mountain in order to obtain videotape which could make or break the case. From personal experience of doing this, we have found out that you need to beware of the wildlife around you…nothing further to say. Insurance claims fraud amounted to an estimated $85.3 billion in 1995, $120 billion in 1999, and continues to rise.This translates to an average cost of more than $200 annually for each American family, paid in the form of higher premiums and taxes. Employee fraud costs businesses more than $400 billion annually. The average organization loses an estimated 6 percent of its annual revenue, or $9 per employee, per day*

Put us to work  and let us help fight insurance fraud for you. Examples of results of our investigations are having one woman sentenced to paying restitution of over $50,000 as well as having a felony conviction on her record, and also having one man taken away shortly after surveillance to serve an eight year term in the Department of Corrections. These are the types of results you can receive when you associate with experienced insurance fraud investigators.

Source- Fraud Defense Network